Compliance & Quality Assurance

Compliance & Quality Assurance

It is the policy of FCS to comply with all federal, state and local collection laws and regulations. FCS systematically addresses regulatory compliance through a cycle of education, risk assessment, implementation of controls, audits and corrective action. Understanding that these laws and regulations are continually subject to evolving interpretation by the court system and the CFPB/BCFP, FCS actively monitors the regulatory landscape for changes that affect our scope of business.

FCS has developed a robust repertoire of policies, procedures, work instructions and training for FDCPA, FCRA, SCRA, TCPA, GLBA, HIPAA, Red Flags Rule, data security, privacy and confidentiality guidelines. FCS also adheres to regulations surrounding collection efforts on accounts that are time-barred, in bankruptcy, held by active-duty service members, or have attorney representation. In addition, FCS has a robust dispute resolution process to ensure thorough investigation and timely response for verbal, written or e-OSCAR consumer disputes.

FCS Compliance
FCS is Tech Lock Certified

Tech Lock® Certification

FCS is Tech Lock® certified, evaluating compliance against controls, data-security standards, regulations and laws for PCI DSS, GLBA, FTC Red Flags Rule, ISO 27002, Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00, Nevada Personal Information Law NRS 603a, and HIPAA. FCS also passes ongoing quarterly scans for our systems, not just single point-in-time scan. The Tech Lock® attestation of compliance (AOC) can be provided when an NDA has been fully executed.

Training, Testing & Monitoring

• CFPB Regulatory Guidelines
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Compliance through Trianing, Testing, and Monitoring