How We Work

We Produce Results

At FCS our overall workflow philosophy combines a collection workflow strategy and with a back-office workflow strategy — all contained within a compliance-focused environment to provide best-in-class performance for our clients.

FCS’ best-in-class performance is reinforced with:

Finvi – The Collector System collection platform
The Intelitech Group - Accounts receivables analytics
TCN – Cloud-based dialing/call center solution
SAP BusinessObjects – Custom reporting capabilities
BillingTree – Payment processing
RevSpring – Consumer engagement tools
• Other industry-leading vendor services

FCS Produces Results
A Scalable Collection Cycle

Scalable Collection Cycle

Through interaction with our vendors and integration of their state-of-the-art products, we have created a customized, flexible and scalable collection cycle that ensures 100% account penetration throughout the life cycle of the account.

The robust collection cycle that FCS has developed includes:
• Data scrubs
• Account appends
• Calling campaigns
• Omni-Channel communication tools
• Any needed account follow-up

Our Workflows

FCS also provides full, customizable reporting and analytics. These capabilities are utilized in our compliance, collection workflow and back-office workflow strategies. FCS uses this data to assist our clients in recovery efforts before accounts ever reach the collection stage.

Our holistic workflow approach is encompassed under an umbrella of regulatory compliance which is audited through the TechLock 2.0 certification process. This is an ongoing certification with continued oversight that covers all applicable laws and standards, including both data security and non-data security laws in an operational “CFPB Readiness Assessment.”

FCS Workflows