Purpose Statement

First Collection Services goes above and beyond expectations to positively impact the lives of our clients, our consumers and our employees.
FCS is Client Focused

For Clients

We partner with clients to improve their profitability and cash flow, while protecting their reputation and their customer base.

Our data analytics help clients optimize their receivables processes, so they don’t need to rely on our third-party collection services. We’re not just a collection agency; we help our clients reduce their expenses and improve efficiency.

We combine excellent personalized service with leading-edge technology for continuous process improvements. Our combination of latest technology and compliance expertise produces results.

We are small enough to accomplish tasks quickly, but large enough to utilize big-company technology.

For Consumers

We work with consumers – not against them – to help them get out of difficult financial situations. We respect our consumers, and we believe we are here to help them.

FCS works with Consumers
FCS Benefits Our Team

For Employees

We are flexible and help our staff members achieve more than they ever thought possible. We make every effort to beneficially impact their lives.

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