Our Values

We know that each of us must take personal responsibility for demonstrating kindness, respect, appreciation, and acceptance of one another. Our core values reflect these qualities.


We work to respect and protect our client’s reputation and a consumer’s dignity. We require our employees to act in a professional and ethical manner.

FCS has Integrity
FCS is Effective


The bottom line is money! We frequently surpass industry benchmarks for excellence, and we strive to understand and exceed our clients’ expectations.


We believe all people have value. We fundamentally believe everyone can be more. We believe that the people and businesses from whom we collect are basically good; however, something has impacted their ability to meet their financial obligations.

FCS is Respected
FCS is Trustworthy


We rely on people’s integrity, ability, and character. We base every relationship on a foundation of trust. It is the cornerstone of our associations with clients, consumers, and employees.


We see things for what they are, and then, we see things for what they can become. We are never satisfied with maintaining the status quo. We are continuously striving to do better and be better. We partner with vendors and clients to improve their processes through early development and adaptation of technology.

FCS is Innovative
FCS is Loyal


Our strength lies in our commitment to relationships. We are loyal to our clients, vendors and employees. With each of these stakeholders, we are “all in” from day one.


We are a company that cares about the internal and external communities we serve. We strive to create a compassionate work environment where we can feel good about each day’s accomplishments. Our work challenges all our employees to do their best and continuously grow.

FCS is Kind