First-Party Services

Whatever you need, we get it done the right way.
We partner with our clients to make a positive impact on their profitability and cash flow, while improving their reputation and their customer base. We perform audits and quality assurance call calibrations to ensure that your needs are addressed properly and to maintain compliance with all current laws, regulations, and industry best practices.

Drive Your Customer to Current

We use a comprehensive set of data and communication tools to get your customers current and keep them current.

Our program, "Drive Your Customers to Current"SM will accelerate your revenue cycle and improve your cash flow. We work with you to develop a comprehensive, tailored program that maximizes your efforts to improve cash flow and reduce your expenses.

FCS can handle a piece of your first-party collections or the entire program - whichever is best for you. We give you everything you expect and deserve plus a little bit more.

Drive Your Customers to Current
First-Party Benefits

Key Benefits

• Our personnel contact your consumers using your company’s name.
• Mail, text, email, and telephone options are all available
• Our first-party services are tailored to your specific needs.
• Payments are made directly to you
• Early detection of billing errors and potential disputes enables quick resolution
• We offer a choice of Service Plans:
    • Hourly Rate;
    • Percentage; or
    • Per Account Fee