First Party Outsourcing (First Party)

Telephone calls are made by our trained Collection personnel to your customers regarding their past- due account. This personal telephone contact will many times eliminate further collection costs. Businesses that delay making calls to collect unpaid bills jeopardize their cash flow and the collectibility of their accounts. Downsizing, rapid growth and preserving customer relationships are reasons companies choose to outsource this task. Our programs can be tailored to each client’s needs. Accounts receivable management is a specialized field, and we provide you with the expertise to perform this function. This service is available at an hourly rate, percentage or a per account fee.

  • Experienced collection staff
  • Consistent, timely follow-up on past due receivables
  • All payments come directly to your office
  • Improved cash flow at a low cost
  • Early detection of billing errors or disputes
  • Service is flexible to meet your needs

Pre-Collection Plus (First Collection Services)

Collection procedures in this program are flexible and designed to manage and monitor your past due receivables based on your collection needs and philosophy. Many of our clients have found this to be a good way to finish their billing cycle before accounts are placed with a “full service” collection agency. This soft approach uses the influence of a third party (First Collection Services) to create a sense of urgency for debtors to pay in full, make arrangements, or dispute. Our telephone-computer collection system monitors the progress of your accounts and exerts collection efforts accordingly. A “per account” fee is charged for this service.

  • Improved collection results - Low cost
  • Payments made directly to your company
  • Effective third-party correspondence
  • Experienced collection staff
  • Consistent monitoring, managing and attempting to collect on each account
  • Easy to read monthly reports
  • Clients keep 100% of monies collected

Full Service Collections (First Collection Services)

Debtors that cannot be reached, have had broken promises, or have just not responded to other collection attempts are referred to this service. Advanced skip tracing procedures are used for locating current addresses and telephone numbers. Collection efforts include an effective combination of letters, telephone calls and legal support when applicable. We feel that this service provides an efficient full-service collection process at a very competitive cost. The fee for this service is based on a “percentage” of dollars collected.

  • Experienced collection staff and legal support
  • Telephone-computer collection system prioritizes collector's account flow
  • Advanced skip tracing resources
  • Credit Bureau reporting
  • Comprehensive monthly collection reports
  • Innovative tactics tailored to meet our clients' needs